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Rainwater is fresh percipitation straight from the sky, that has not touched the ground surface. Roof surfaces maintain the rainwater quality. Storm Water is rainwater that has touched the ground surface. storm water is rainwater that is unmanaged at the source, so it must be managed further down the flow path by storm water systems. Grey water is once used water discharged from washing machines, showers, bathtubs, bathrroom sinks. grey water oes not have fecal contamination


Rainwater Harvesting is two seperate technology working together

  • Rainwater Collection 50% 50%
  • Rainwater Reuse 100% 100%

The process of collecting Rainwater from a roof surface and storing the Rainwater in a Tank

The process of pumping, filtering, sanitizing, and controlling Rainwater so the stored Rainwater can be reused safely


Rainwater collection store


prefilter is used to remove dirt, debris, and organic matter from the harvested water. This keeps the tank clean resulting in better water quality and less tank maintenance. Most  filters work on an efficiency principle, which means that, all or a portion of the water is filtered before entering the storage tank


Rainwater harvesting pumps make your rainwater system work for you!  Rainwater Collection Supply Canada has the largest selection of high quality pump designed specifically for rainwater harvesting.


The Tank is the heart of the rainwater system and should be carefully selected. Integrated Rainwater Tanks are fabricated by the manufacturer to create a clean, safe and secure rainwater storage vessel. With specific internal components to maximize water quality.




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